Gasoline Crusher

It is mainly used for breaking concrete, stone and other hard materials. It is widely used in breaking foundations, breaking asphalt, demolition of reinforced concrete floors or walls.

1- Reliable engine: Equipped with 2-stroke, 49cc Chinese brand engine. It breaks stone in a short time with 770-1500 RPM fast stroke.
2- 1.2L fuel tank: Provides long life service and improves engine performance and machine ratio.
3- Unique support for the engine: It protects the engine and fuel tank against wear, especially when the gasoline breaker is placed on the ground.
4- All controls at your fingertips: The throttle button controls the amount of oil per minute on demand. The start/stop button is close to the throttle control button.
5- “V” shaped handles: Well-designed rubber grips provide commercial comfort and reduce vibrations by up to 40%