This petrol machine has two main functions, one is drilling concrete with the SDS MAX drill bit and the other is crushing and crushing when a flat chisel is installed. To change the function of the machine, it is sufficient to simply turn the “drill or break” button. With the powerful 1000W motor, you can work independently of any power source. It is the best choice for contractors who use it constantly on construction sites. Because it is easy to use and low cost, it will be a practical choice if you want to develop in the construction industry.
Main Features:
1. Efficient machine: With very compact structure and easy control. The gasoline engine provides enough power to achieve satisfactory working results.
2. Two functions in one machine: Hand drill 2-in-1 function with hammering and drilling
3. SDS-Max drill bit holder: Drill bits are easy to install and replace.
4. Satisfy a variety of workspaces: It helps you work from one location to another in a long line or in a remote, inaccessible place.