Wire Tensioners, used for wire / cable tensioning and joining.

There are 4 different products. Butafix T5, T3, T3+, T2

Butafix T5 ( 4,00mm – 5,20mm ) has double holes

Butafix T3 ( 2,00mm – 3,30mm ) has double holes

Butafix T3+ ( 1,80mm – 3,30mm ) has double holes

Butafix T2 ( 1,50mm – 3,00mm ) has single hole

Common specifications

  • Unique in the industry, it is made entirely of corrosion resistant materials (stainless metal complete body, stainless spring and ceramic roller)
  • It is used to stretch and fix many different products such as wire, steel rope and polyester/plastic wire.
  • Much longer lifetime under outdoor and natural conditions
  • Possibility to repeatedly stretch for years
  • In all our models there is a reset hole for incorrect mounting.
  • 100% control for each product
  • Special fully automatic production line
  • High grade Ceramic Roller!
  • PATENTED PRODUCT (patent granted by Turkish Patent Institute, Patent No: 2016/00808)