There are 3 different products. Butafix T5, T3, T2

All of our wire tensioners are designed and made for a very long life with stainless steel stoppers and aluminum-zinc alloy body. When using the product, you can only stretch your fingers by pulling to through wire tensioner. BUTAFIX wire tesioners are also very useful for attaching wires.


General features:

  • Unique in the industry, it is made entirely of corrosion resistant materials (stainless metal  complete body, stainless spring and ceramic roller)
  • It is used to stretch and fix many different products such as wire, steel rope and polyester/plastic wire.
  • Much longer lifetime under outdoor and natural conditions
  • Possibility to repeatedly stretch for years
  • In all our models there is a reset hole for incorrect mounting.
  • 100% control for each product
  • Special fully automatic production line
  • High grade Ceramic Roller!
  • PATENTED PRODUCT (patent granted by Turkish Patent Institute, Patent No: 2016/00808)
    Butafix T5, T3, T2

    Butafix T5, T3, T2